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Overnight bus

In a rather stupid attempt to save money (and time I thought)decided the best way to get from Melbourne to Sydney was by overnight bus. Not having learnt my lesson from the train experience, arrived in Sydney at 7 in morning somewhat tired, probably spent most of accomodation money that I had saved on coffee. By half ten was begging hostel to let me into room so I could get some sleep, the reception staff after telling everyone else trying to check at same time to go away, let me in to my room (I must of looked really desparate).

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Forgot the Australian open was still on, so nearly ended up having nowhere to stay, butany found somewhere.Really can't remember what day I did what in Melbourne, so anyway here is a list of all the things I visited in no particular order

Cooks Cottage (Capt James cook parents, shipped over from England and rebuilt)
St Kilda (lots of cake shops, but there are more in the Italian part of town I think)
Queen Vic Market (should of bought those souvenirs I still haven't bought)
Botanical Gardens
Federation square, walked past some of the sports grounds as well.

Also went to cinema and watched a film sat on a bean bag, its a miracle I didn't fall asleep.

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Great Ocean Road

Left Adelaide on the 25th to go on three day Great Ocean Road trip. On leaving Adelaide drove to a place called Keith for breakfast, going through bordertown on the way. Then headed onwards tot he Grampians, went to Mackenzie falls and some look out points, stayed in Halls Gap overnight.

The next day went on hike up a big hill to get another look at the Grampians, then back on the bus to go Warnambol, the start of the great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road was built by returning WW1 servicemen. Visited the Bay of Martyers, London Bridge (which did fall down a couple of years, stranding a couple of tourists) and 12 Apostles (one of which also fell down a few years ago). I think we stayed in Port Campbell overnight, but I can't remember anymore.

On the third and finally day went back to the 12 apostles again, drove to a Wildlife park and saw lots of Koalas and a couple of echindinas ( i've no idea how you spell that, its the Australian equivelent of a hedgehog), drove through Lorne (where we had lunch) and on to Melbourne via Torquay (home of Ripcurl) and Geelong. Arrived in Melbourne in evening.

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Walked around Adelaide in a train lag daze. Went to botanical Gardens and walked around the river, with coffee stops in order to make myself human again.
Next day went to Glenelg in the afternoon.

Really didn't do alot in Adelaide

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Indian Pacific

Left Perth in the morning to get the Indian Pacific to Adelaide. The first stop was in Kalgoolie a gold mining town, stayed there about three hours, some people went on a tour of the town and gold mine, we decided to go on a pub crawl in stead, bit difficult when its a sunday and there is only one pub open. Never mind we all got back on the train okay.

The train went across the Nullabor plain, (means no trees) and there is a whole lot of nothing outhere. Stopped in a deserted town called Cook, which now exists only really to serve the Indian Pacific.

Arrived in Adelaide two days later (38 hours) later really tired, as its impossible to sleep on the seats unless you are a midget. I think the feeling was worse than jet lag and it lasted longer, if I ever do the Journey again, I think I'll fly.

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