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Kuala lumpur


From Cameron Highlands headed over to Kuala lumpur (took around 4 hours ish).

Went up the Kuala lumpur tower

View from the top


Unfortuntaly photos didn't come too well, this was one of the best.

The next headed off to the Batu Caves, just outside Kuala Lumpur. There is a big Hindu temple there and lots of monkeys running around the place.


Afterwards tried to visit the national mosque in Kuala lumpur, ut it was shut to tourists because of prayers, so we went to the butterfly farm instead which was quite good.


National Museum in Kuala lumpur (I think)


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Cameron Highlands

Tea anyone!!


Left Penang very early in the morning (10th June) and headed off to eh Cameron Highlands.

On arrival in Tanah Rata, we went for a "Steam Boat". Which is basically a chinese fondue. They bring out a bowl of heated soup/broth, and then loads of meat/fish/veg etc which you through in to cook and fish out when its down. Again there was mountains of food that kept on being brought out!!! I've never seen a chinese fondue before, but I would recommend them.

The next day spent the morning at a Rose Centre, Butterfly farm, Strawberry plantation and tea plantation. It was quite interesting learning how tea was made. Had a cup of BOH (Best Of Highlands) tea at the end.


In the afternoon headed off to Kuala Lumpur.

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Krabi to Penang

Left Krabi at 9 in the morning on a minivan to Hat Yai. From Hat Yai we got the train across into Malaysia to Butterworth and got the ferry across to penang island.

Group Photo with Mr big


Arrived at the hotel at 9 oclock night (12 hours after leaving Krabi!!) and went straight out for a quick curry (Yummy).

The next day started with a dim sum breakfast (more yummy) and then up to the Kek Lok Si temple. The temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia and was founed in 1896 by a Chinese budhist.

Kek Lok Si Temple


After the temple went to the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in George town. Cheong Fatt Tze started as a penniless teenager from China and ended up establishing a vast fianical empire throughout East Asia becoming known as the Rockfeller of the East. The Mansion it self is one of the largest of its style outside China and conforms to the principals of Fen Shui. Although the mansion is mostly Chinese in style it as western influences such as floor tiles from Stoke on Trent and Scottish cast iron work.

In the afternoon we went to the Eastern and Orient hotel for a spot of afternoon tea. It was very posh, I'm suprised they let us in. Anyway for about 6 pounds you got an endless supply of tea, sandwiches, scones, and cakes. They just kept on bringing more stuff out!!!!

Tea Anyone!!


The Bill!!

After stuffing ourselves silly with scones we headed over to Fort Cornwallis and had a look around the remains.

On the way back wandered through Little India on the way to Khoo Kongsi. A Kongsi is a clan house (part temple, part meeting hall for the Cinese of the same clan or surname) I think that the film Anna and the King was filmed there. Unfortunately its was shut by the time we got there. Had a quick look at the Acheen St Mosque on the way back to the hotel.

In the evening went out for a curry in Little India.


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Krabi day 3

Too many steps!!!

sunny 35 °C

Last day in Krabi. Slept in because of the late night I'd had.

Finally got and had some breakfast, Went outside, way tooo hot. Even the Thais were complaining it was too hot. Quickly retreated back to fan cooled room and wrote some post cards.

Around 4 oclock headed off to the Tiger Temple (Wat Tham Seua) just outside Krabi.

Climbed up 1237 steps (equilavent to climbing up a 100 floors) to the top for some amazing views, monkeys were following us up for a good part of the walk. Started to wonder if telling the nurse when I was getting my jabs " oh no I won't be going near any wild animal". What I hadn't reckoned on was them getting very close to me. The stairs up to the top of the mountain were very steep in places, I think they might of been built by giants or something

After arriving at the top of mountain and getting my breath back the views were amazing. Got our picture taken with some monks. I think they were laughing at us for how tired we looked, they probably climb it lots of times a day to mediate.


By the time we left to go back down the mountain it was getting dark so we had to go down quite fast. You could hear the monkeys swinging about in the trees above you.

Didn't have time to visit all the bits of the temple because the monks were mediating and it was dark and we had to get back.

Had an early night that night

For more info on the temple see below

That was our last day in thailand, off to malyasia tommorow

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Sun burn and little fishys

semi-overcast 35 °C

Arrived in Krabi from Khao Sok around lunch time on monday 5th of June

Dumped stuff in room and headed out straight for food ( this is going to become a theme as you will see later on).

Had some fairly un inspiring pad tai and then hit the shops and then the beach. About five minutes after hitting the beach it rained. Well it is the rainy season after all!!!

Anyway after a nap, went out for a massive bowl of mussels in garlic Yum yum yum

The next morning woke up went for a Pancake off one of the street vendors, more yummy!!!!

Spent tuesday going round all the islands on a speed boat (I was looking very green after a few hours on that thing). Went to phi phi lai and snorkelled in a bay off there. The lonely planet description for that place is spot. All the coral is knackered from boats just sticking their anchors into it and any tranquility is kind of ruined by the numerous other Long tail boats/ speed boats anchored up. The snorkelling was still good though and swallowed far too much water Yuk. The boat then went round to maya bay where "the beach" was filmed. Unfortunately due to feeling very ill from the speed boat and swallowing more salt water than is good for you I crawled off the boat, landed on the beach and stayed there not moving at all until it was time to go. It was about this time I realised that I couldn't find my sun block and was about to fry.

After leaving Maya bay went round to a few more islands and lunch on one of them, (can't remeber its name). Got some good shots of long tail boats!! Sat in the shade trying to apply some borrowed sun screen on to sandy legs. It didn't work, just sort of exfoliated by legs.

Got back on boat and headed off to do some more snorkelling. This time the coral was a lot better cos there was a fixed point for the boat to attach to. Saw lots of colourful fishys, no idea what any of them were though.

Boat made final stop on bamboo island, sat in shade with towel over legs desparately trying not to get burnt. Beach was very pretty though

Finally got back on boat and made it back to dry land. Once in hotel room lathered myself in after sun, which I'd put in the fridge. Luckily only it was only one knee and part of my leg that got burnt as I had sense to keep my shorts and T shirt on while swimming. Must of missed the knee while applying the sun screen/sand. Which incidently I found (the sun screen not the sand) at the back of the boat.

Had the most amazing green thai curry off a street vendor for about 75 pence, unfortuntaley they forget the request that it was not too spicey (the only bit of thai I learnt was to ask for food not too hot), so i blew my head off eating it.

That night went and played pool. I turned into some sort of pool shark and kept on winning which was amazing because I couldn't see properly without my glasses.


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