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Rockhampton to Airlie Beach


Mm, went off to Rockhampton after Bundaberg. Got up very early the next morning to go to the Myella farm stay. Got there in the morning, had breakfast and then went horse riding. After lunch, we were taken to the motorbike training track, where I learnt to ride a motorbike. Once we had the basics, we went for a ride off round the farm and watched the sunset. Got up early the next morning and milked a cow, which was easier than I though it was going to be. Then back on the horses. Went for a longer ride, saw some Black Headed Pythons. Chilled out in the afternoon and then headed back to Rockhampton. The next morning got up early and headed off to Mackay. This morning I headed off to Airlie Beach. Sailing the Whitsundays tommorow. Will burn photos when I get back. Have managed to take some more so the memory card is a bit more full.

Oh and the sun has finally come out, its really warm in Airlie Beach, fingers crossed it holds for the next couple of days

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Hervey bay to Bundaberg


Mm after Fraser Island got dropped off in Hervery Bay. It rained and rained and rained some more, so the next day I went off to Bundaberg. Not a lot in Bundaberg, the rum distillery and thats about it. Went to the rum distillery yesterday, got two free drinks at the end of the tour and then staggered back to my hostel.

Off to Rockhampton tonight and then off for a farm stay early tommorow morning for a couple of days, then up to Airlie Beach to do the Whitsundays.

Still haven't burnt any photos yet. Maybe after the farm stay, if I get time.

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Fraser Island

all seasons in one day

mmm, can't quite remember what I've been doing recently

After the last entry went kayaking on the river in Noosa, saw lots of pelicans.

Walked around The national park in Noosa which was pretty, actually saw a wild koala, rather just one in a zoo.

Had another surf lesson, which wasn't quite as sucessful as the first one, given the fact there was lots of wind and big waves blowing you everywhere.

Anyway finally left Noosa and headed up to Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach consists of one street and a beach and I saw a Rainbow while I was there as well.

Headed to Fraser Island from Rainbow beach. Unfortuntaley the weather wasn't the best, but nevermind. Saw Lake Mackenzie (in the rain). For those who are interested (or not) Fraser island is the world largest sand island. We went walking through a rain forest by a creek, saw some dingos (its hard to believe they are wild dogs, they look like a pet dog, though they killed a nine year old boy a few years ago on fraser, so we didn't get too close).

Fraser island has no roads, so all of it was done in a four wheel drive, The main beach is actually a highway/ stoke landing strip for planes!!!. The next day we went past some coffee rocks. These are basically compressed sand and vegetation. They look like rocks, but you can break them off and grind them into something that looks like coffee (hence the name). Saw the maharino ship wreck luxury ship that got blown on to the island by a freak out of season cyclone in 1935. Also went up to Indian heads (so called by captain cook, because the first time he sailed past in 1770, all the aborginies were watching from there). Indian heads are some of the only actual rocks on the island, (volanic rocks). Floated down Eli creek.
Saw lots of whales and some sort of manteray. Couldn't see any sharks because the sand in the water was stired up.

On fraser island you definately don't swim in the sea, there are a lot of sharks there appartently. There was a picture I saw taken of two people swimming in the sea, with two very big sharks swiming very close, with a caption "This is why you don't swim in the sea off fraser". Decided to do fraser as a guided tour, as didn't fancy doing the whole self drive thing and been bogged down in sand. There is a postcard of all the four wheel drives that have met unhappy ends in fraser. The place we went from had a list of excuses used for why they trashed their 4X4

The list went something like this

1) It was like that when we got it
2) Surely its just wear and tear
3) It was like that when we got up in the morning
4) The dingos did it (this was my particular favourite)

Just wait until I load some pictures of Trashed 4X4 and then read the list again.

Gotta go now, running out of time on the old internet, Haven't had time to check this for spelling, punctuation or anything I'm afraid.

Hope you lot are all enjoying your heat wave. I'm enjoying lots and lots of RAIN!!!!!! Hey But at least the sea is warmer than the land, so there is still somewhere to go.

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After spending a couple of days in Brisbane, went up to a place called Maroochydore. Went Steve Irwins Australia zoo, sadly didn't see the crocodile hunter there, but saw lots of crocs and stuff. Stroked a Koala.

Maroochydore was only a small place, though with a big shopping centre.
After Maroochydore went up to Noosa, got there yesterday. The hostel here is lovely, big old wooden Queenslander house.

Went surfing today for the first time!!!! Actually managed to stand up as well, (though only once and for about 5 seconds before I fell off). Apparently I nearly had it, but for some reason I didn't want to let go of the board, nevemind, going to go again on saturday I think. Noosa is about the last place going up the east coast where you can surf, so had better make the most of it. Going kayaking in about an hour. I think that i'll sleep well tonight. My legs and arms are already covered in bruises from where the surf board whacked into me.

Currently trying to decide whether to go to Fraser island from Noosa or from Rainbow beach (both of these places are cheaper than Hervey bay). Was going to on Saturday, but think that I have promised someone that I'll go out for their birthday on saturday, Not that there is any particular rush.

Might go horse riding as well again as thats supposed to be cheap as well. I can see myself staying in Noosa for a while. As there loads of things to do here, might also do a tour into the Hinterland and the edumundi markets.

Weathers getting warmer, finally, I've actually got my shorts on today as well. I love winter here!!!

Will manage photos eventually, but haven't taken any for a while so not ready to burn another cd yet.

Better go, have to get lunch before kayaking. Fingers crossed I'll see some dolphins

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Brisbane so far

Decided to give surfers paradise a miss, as I'd heard nothing good about the place even from Australians. Driving though Surfers on the Brisbane, it looked very American and a bit touristy though not as bad as some people made out. I know some people drove in and drove straight back out again.

Arrived in Brisbane 7 oclock last night, staying at YHA which isn't nice. Never mind Got a couple of days here before heading further up the coast. Want to go Australia zoo

Not much else to report

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