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Cairns to Alice Springs

Road to Nowhere

Left Cairns early for a 3 day trip to Alice Springs. Drove out past the Atherton tabelands, but didn't stop there. Then stopped at a waterfall somewhere but can't remeber the name of it (i'm writing this a month after I did the trip). From there carried on tot he Oasis Roadhouse, which had the smallest bar in Australia. Then carried out driving. Went for a short walk in a place called Porcupine Gorge. Stayed overnight in a town calle Hughenden (which if you are interested is named after Hughenden in Bucks, and is also probably bigger than Hughenden at home). Didn't see that much of Hughenden as arrived at night and left early in the morning.
The next day left early in them morning and drove to winton, Winton is famous for a few things, the first being the premier of walzing maltida at the Northern Gregory hotel by Banjo Patterson. The hotel is still there but it is not the original one Banjo performed in. Winton is aslo the place where Qantas had there first board meeting. After Winton carried on driving, visited a sheep sataion, though not many sheep on it at the moment because of the drought. Walked down another short gorge called Python Gorge and looked at some aboriginal art work. Had a quick barbeque at the top and then continued driving. Drove through a small town called midleton. Normally it has a population of 6 people (there was only 1 when we were there, the rest had gone shopping in the nearest town four hours away), Middleton consists of 1 pub, 1 phone box, a footy statium, a shed (sorry Hilton Hotel) and a golf course. After stopping in Middelton carried ou driving. Went through a place calle Boulia, where we picked up some unhappy Australians that had just dropped out of the Brisban to Alice Srpings Postie Bike Challenge. This involes driving a small motobike across the country and across a lot of dirt roads which are very bumpy. Stayed a cattle station for the night. Again only one person there, a couple of dogs, a beer drinking kangeroo, some pigs and of course cows.
The next morning left early for the last leg of the journey. More roads of nothing. Drove across the Nothern Terrioty border and the clocks went back half an hour. Stopped at Tobemory Cattle station vriefly. Waved at lots of crazy people being bounced all over the road on motobikes. Drove, Drove, Drove and drove some more and saw no buldings, no people, just the outback and cows. Arrived in Alice Springs the evening. Civilisation at last!!!

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Great Barrier Reef

Went out to the great barrier reef on a day trip, it was good and I found Nemo. Took lots of pictures with an underwater camera, haven't got them developed yet, so no idea if they are any good or not. Went for half an hour scuba dive as well.

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I've escaped

Well I'll finally escaped the tomato farm, woooo

After Bowen I headed up to Townsville and went to Magnetic Island. Went horse riding (again, I can nearly remember how now). It was good was in an intermediate group so spent most of the time trotting and cantering. Rode bare back into the sea and went swimming with the horses. My horse decided to go for a roll so had to leap off very quickly. At least it was into water though.

After magnetic island went to mission beach for a night. Didn't see any of Mission beach as I flaked out when I got there.

I'm now in Cairns. Just been to Cape Tribulation for two days. Went for a walk this morning. Off to the Great Barrier Reef tommorow

Head down to Alice on Tuesday on a three day road trip.

Gotta to go now

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sunny 28 °C

Still picking tomatos, though only for another week

Met a German Carpenter that worked on the picture of the ship I have on this site.

Should be on the west coast by October.

No more news to report

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I hate tomatos


Well I've finally managed to get a job, picking tomatos around 60 kilometres outside Bowen. Staying in the middle of nowhere so should manage to save some money as there is nothing to spend it on. I already don't want to see a tomato again. It is the start of the season so I'm not working everyday at the moment. A few of us have come into Bowen on our day off. I think I'll do a month of Tomato picking and then carry on up to Cairns, as long as I can last that long.

Might be my last entry for a while, as the only thing I'll be seeing for a while is kangeroos, tomatos and the bush, not exactly thrilling. Oh and there is no phone signal where I'm staying and the internet is crap so I'm probably going to be out of touch for a while.

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