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Camera Woes


Mmm, took the camera to a shop in Darwin, unfortuantely they couldn't fix it in a few days, more like a couple of weeks. So it looked like the camera wasn't going to be fixed until Perth, so no photos of the West Coast then. Anyway, went to woolworths and bought some disposable cameras to tide me over in the mean time.

Next day went to Litchfield national park for the day, switched on camera to demonstrate its choking function, only to find out that it worked!!!!! yeah It still has ocassionaly myopia when its tired though and now and again coughs up dust, nevermind Marvin (thats its new name, after Marvin the Paranoid Android) is still working just!!! Keeping the disposable cameras on standby though.

Anyway went to Litchfield, but I can remember even less place names there than Kakadu, but it involved waterfalls and swimming if you are interested.

Going to read lonely planet now to work out where on earth in the Kimbereleys I went. It involved lots of Gorges and a few fresh water crocodiles

Next Installment coming soon.

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mm, writing this way after I actually went so I've forgotton lots, but anyway here goes.

Set off on Kakadu trip starting with a cruise on themary River, which has the highest concentration of saltwater crocodiles in the world apparently. Definately not a place for swimming. After the cruise headed off to Ubirr an aborginie art site and where part of crocodile dundee was filmed, before they annoyed the locals and couldn't film there anymore. Camera decided that it had enough dust in it, lost the ability to focus and then just finally choked. Luckily somebody had a spare camera which I borrow for the trip, though didn't take as many pictures with it.

Next morning got up early to go to twin falls, climbed up a big hill and got to a beautiful river at the top flowing over a very big drop, carried on walking up the river for a while until we found a suitable swimming hole. Its safe to swim up there cos as yet crocodiles can't climb or fly up big waterfalls. Swam for ages up there and then walked back down to the bottom over some very big boulders. Then took a boat cruise to the bottom of Twin Falls, where you definalately can't swim, apart from the fact you couldn't walk across the sand because it was too hot. In the afternoon went to Jim Jim , climbed over more rocks and went swiming in a big pool at the bottom. Went back to campsite knackered.

The last day in Kakadu, walked up another hill somewhere ( i can't remember what it was called and went swimming again) I need to email somebody to ask, because I really can't remember what the place was called, maybe the lonely planet will give me a clue. I'll up date this later. Think we went to the visitors centre as well.mmmmm I've got photos, so if anybodys been to kakadu maybe they could tell me where I went.

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some photos

Here are some more photos, not as many this time as I forgot to reduce the size before downloading, thus reaching my limit earlier. Oops.

Cape Tribulation

Beware dangerous cows

On the way from Cairns to Alice

The Hilton Hotel, Middleton

Road to Nowhere


Valley of the Winds, The OlgasDSC01262.JPG

Devils marbles

Daly Waters pub

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Alice to Darwin.

Up early again this time for the Alice To Darwin trip. Lots more driving ahead. Went through a place called wycliffe well, which as the most UFO sightings in Australia. The pub/petrol station there is very strange. After the strange pub went to the devils marbles, lumps of round sandstone made by errosion of something bigger (australians do like there rocks). Then more driving. Drove to a cattle station called Banka Banka for the first night. Somebody found a brown snake in their tent, they didn't sleep very well that night. I checked my sleeping bag very carefully.
Next morning ont he road again. Drove to somekind of mound, walked up it, got scratched by a lot spinifex grass and came down it again. Stopped at the Daly Walters pub. A fairly strange pub in the middle of the outback. Went to see the tree that Hon McDouall Stuart carved his initial on on his succesfull journey from Adelaide to Darwin and back again (it took thre attempts). Then went to Matteranka hot springs and swam in some nice warm water. Stayed outside Katherine for the night.
Went canoing on Kathernine gorge in the mormning, which was fun dragging the canoe over klots of rocks to get into different sections of the gorge, lots more swimming. From kathering headed up past adelaide river, where we saw one of the stars of Crocodile Dundee (charlie the water buffalo, stuffed I might add). Arrived in the Darwin in the evening.

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Left Alice Springs around miday for my 3.5 day uluru trip. The first day was mostly driving to Kings Canyon, where we spent the first night. Spent the first night entertaining ourselves by watching the stars and jumping out of bushes at people walking around in the dark. Slept in swags under the stars.

Next morning we left early to go to Kings Canyon. Went on a fairly long walk, the first bit was up a very steep hill (also known as heart attack hill). Walked across the top of the canyon looking down into the River. We walked down in the Garden of Eden, A little oasis in the dessert, lots of green plants, ferns, a river, and a little pool with two ducks called adam and eve. Managed to get down there before lots of school groups did. After the walk we were going to see the singing Dingo, A dingo which can apparently howl in tune with a piano. But Bryan forgot to take us there, nevermind. Headed off to Yalara (the resort near Uluru) in the afternoon, stopping to have lunch, bua n inland lake which had dried up so it was a big lake of salt. Arrived at Yalara in the afternoon and headed off to go and watch sunset over Uluru at the official sunset point. There was lots people there so it was a bit crowded but you did get to see how the colours of ulur change as the sunsets. Uluru in the rain is supposed to be special cos it looks grey instead of red. Another night under the stars in our swags.

Another early morning, watching the sunrise over uluru and the olgas. The olgas look like Homer Simpson from a distance if you get the angle right. Did the Valley of the Winds walk in the Olgas. There are some amazing views through the valleys there. After lunch went back to uluru to do the Mala walk, which was a guided walk explaining the significance of Uluro to the aborgines. Got to see Uluru close up for the first time, rather than being one lump of rock, errosion has eaten lots of holes and crevices into it. Around the base of the rock there are lots of places you are not allowed to take photographs for cultural reasons. Visited the visitors centre as well. Watch another sunset over uluru at the campsite. My camera started to show signs that it wasn't very well at the this point. Spent the evening singing round the camp fire, considering there was only 8 of us we made quite a lot of noise. The German guy, who was as white as a Ghost gum tree was a very good singer.

Got up early agaan to watch sunrise over uluru at the official sunrise point. Madness had well and truely set in by this point and we were pretending to be Koala bears up lamposts. Did the Basewalk around Uluru in the morning. Camera sickness was getting worse it started coughing up red dirt. Drove back to Alice Springs in the afternoon, which took 6 hours, yeah more driving.

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