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West Coast

Set off from Broome on the 8th October on my west coast trip.

Drove to 80 mile beach for lunch and then continued down to a cattle station for an overnight camp. Went down through Port Headland.

Next drove to Karajini. Visited Circular pool, then went up to Fortesque falls and fern pool. All of these are in the dales gorge. Had and overnight bush camp in Karajini.

Next day went to Weano gorge, walked down to Handrail pool. To get into Handrail pool, you have to walk through the creek and then climb down the waterfall holding on to a rope, its actually easier than it sounds. After Weano gorge went to eh Hannock gorget, where you were supposed to Spider walk into Kermits pool. I took the easy route and used the creek as a water slide (weeeeeee, bump). After lunch we climbed down into Joffes fgorge, which looked like an horrendous climb (like straight down), but was actually pretty easy. Drove pas past the Hammersly ranges and camped in Hammersly gorge (which our bus driver was gleefully telling us the time he got trapped for three days, when it rained heavily). Went swimming in Hammersly gorge as well.

Left Karanji on day four of the our for Exmouth. Watched the sunset at the light house with some cheap fizzy wine. Stayed overnight in a hostel (joy a proper bed).

In the morning went to Turquiose bay (part of the ningaloo reef) and snorkleed there looking at lots of coral, and saw a turtle too. Then went to sandy bay for more swimming and then back to turquiose bay for more snorkelling. In the afternoon drove down to Coral bay

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Didn't do that much in Broome, went to cable beach and watched the sunset. Went to the staircase to the moon, a weird event where the full moon shines on the mud flats making it look like there is a staircase to the moon. That was about it I think.

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The Kimberelys part two

Left bungle Bungles on the morning of the 2nd of October for El Questro cattle station. On the way visited Emma Gorge.

camped out at El-Questro station.

Next morning walked half of El- Questro, and crossed the pentecoste River. The bus got bogged in some sand so we had to dig it out before going to our next campsite.

Then next morning went to, barnett River gorge, walked along the top of the gorge, climbed down and then for a swim at the bottom, Looked at some aborginal art work down there as well. Swam back to the start of the walk near where the bus was parked.

Next day went on to Mt Barnett Roadhouse and Galvan gorges. Then to bell gorge. There was a fairly big climb down into it, swam there for ages and had lunch there as well. Overnight camp in the bush again. Camped at Windjana gorge. Saw lots of fresh water croc's there as well.

Last day of Kimberelys trip, walked through Tunnel Creek, then went on to derby, saw the Boab Priosn tree and drove to Broome and went to Cable beach.

(this is a really dull entry, put I'll fill in things later and put some pictures in, but I just don't have time and the internet is rubbish here and keeps on dying)

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The Kimberelys part one- Bungle Bungles

Thurs 28th September,

Headed off on the Kimberelys trip, back through Adelaide River again and then back to Edith Falls and Katherine again. In the afternoon drove down to lake Arglye and camped overnight there.

Went on a boat cruise on lake argyle the next morning. Saw fresh water crocodeils, went swimming, fed catfish and some rock wallabies as well,

Next day drove to the Bungle Bungles vis Kunnara, camped overnight there. The next morning went to Catherdral Gorge, went to a look out point etc. In the afternoon went to the visitors centre. Walked in Echinda Chasm, which funnily enough is a walk through a very narrow opening between some rocks, called a chasm.

Camped again in the Bungle Bungles.

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Look I found Nemo

Just got my pictures developed from my underwater camera, most of which are rubbish, but one came out!!

Heres the proof I found Nemo

You'll have to look quite carefully.


Still haven't updated anything yet though

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